Misplaced your appliance warranty? Lost your receipt? Worried about printer ink?

Going from store to store looking for an extended warranty is like playing a game of Where’s Waldo? You spend hours looking for the one receipt tucked between papers, on the floor of your bedroom, or even in the trash.

Are you frustrated with trying to track down the customer service phone number of a store or brand and then being on hold for 20 minutes before you finally get somebody?

Imagine using our app which connects you directly to brands customer service departments. Not only that, imagine never worrying about finding warranty information again – because all your warranty information is right at your fingertips without any hassle or paperwork!

WeVouch is here to save your day. With WeVouch, service for your appliances and home appliances becomes as effortless as buying them in the first place – without ever having to leave your home. Connecting directly to brands means never having to worry about fading ink receipts or misplaced warranties again. Everything is handled professionally and quickly through a single app that connects you directly to brands so that your warranty or service never expires or gets lost again.

Stop wasting time trying to remember things like customer service numbers – we’ve got you covered. We’ll connect you straight to all your favorite brands’ customer service numbers, extend warranties and service agreements whenever you need it– whatever questions you might have, they’ll be just a tap away. With WeVouch, you’ll always know where your warranties are and when they expire. Search by appliance name and check warranty status from anywhere.

Our app will automatically notify you when it’s time to service or renew your warranty and even put a reminder on your calendar, so you never miss it again. Furthermore, WeVouch saves all receipts so you can access them without ever worrying about misplacing anything again.

We’ll scan and store your warranty information so there are no misplaced warranties or faded ink receipts to worry about.

With just one tap on your smartphone, WeVouch has eliminated all the pain points associated with home appliances. No more fighting with customer service reps on the phone. No more expensive fees. With our app, registering your appliances is a breeze.

And because we handle everything on their behalf — ink cartridges, registering products, etc., your stress levels won’t be increased during this process.

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Long wait time on customer support calls

Are you also tired of waiting on customer support calls for a long time?

Ohh… You’re not alone in this boss!!!

Trust me; there are a zillion users of all the gadgets that we own in our houses. Every hour so many gadgets face issues to be resolved and all we do is try to contact the customer service to get the best help. But what happens as we call the customer service number???



Luckily, received??

You’re lucky if your call gets received at one go, but do you get the solution as well at one go??

Probably no.

According to a study, researchers say that a maximum number of people look for brands that provide good after-sales service. So, a good after-sales service helps your customers understand that you value them, and brands land up with retaining customers. What if a brand fails to provide the best customer service? It will lose its customers in a blink, isn’t it? Most of the brands fail to provide the same.

It is important to maintain two-way communication to strengthen any relationship, be it buyer or seller one. The call connects from the user’s end and the service provider either asks you to connect on another number or all you hear is, “please stay on the line, your call is important to us” on loop.

So, what’s the solution to this??? Are you waiting to eliminate your waiting time???

Worry not because we’ve got you covered!!!

We’re here to help you.

We are a platform for all consumers as well as brands.

Yes, you read that right!!!

We are a one-stop solution for all your service requirements. Be it any gadget/ appliance of any brand, you can come to us and get a solution for all your service/repair-related problems directly from the brand without waiting.

All you have to do is just download the WeVouch app or visit our site and manage all the warranties, raise service requests and get repairs done from your appliance brand directly without wasting your precious time.

But, with so many gadgets how do you up-keep with all the service dues??

We have a solution for that as well, isn’t that great?

Here’s how you can save time by choosing us:

  • No more piling up of warranty cards for every gadget, just upload once on Wevouch and your job is done.
  • No worrying about getting cheated in servicing & repairs, we connect you directly to the brand.
  • No more setting reminders for warranty expiration, we do that for you.
  • No more waiting on hold with customer service, we’re just a tap/ call away.
  • No more looking for different contacts to resolve multiple queries, we’re here for all your gadgets.

So, what are you waiting for???

Wait no further with Wevouch, just sit and order from your couch.