Get your AC ready for the coming summers!

Summer is just around the corner, and we are already dreading the hot & humid weather that follows. One of the advantages of having an air conditioner at your home during the summer is that it provides a comfortable environment. But most of the time we fail to take proper care of the appliances at home that result in malfunctioning when needed the most. A poorly maintained air conditioner may develop problems to the point that it is ineffective and begins to consume more energy. Having your AC checked regularly allows you to ensure that it is working perfectly providing all levels of comfort.

Here are 5 basic steps that you need to follow to keep your AC operating flawlessly this summer:

  1. Cleaning the AC filters: 

AC filters should be cleaned on a regular basis to maintain its efficiency. Clogged or unclean filters that restrict the airflow and substantially lower the AC’s efficiency. Additionally, restricted airflow might also allow dirt particles to circumvent the filter and enter the evaporator coil directly & reducing the coil’s ability to absorb heat. 

It is essential to clean or replace a filthy and clogged up filter as it can lower the energy use of your AC by almost 5% to 15%. Filters require special care if the air conditioner is used extensively, is exposed to a dusty environment or if there are fuzzy pets at home.

  1. Cleaning the coils:

Air Conditioner coils tend to become insulated by dust which gradually lowers their ability to absorb the heat. This makes it difficult for the AC to effectively cool the room. To avoid this, make sure the coils are cleaned regularly.

It is always advisable to appoint a technician to take care of your AC’s routine maintenance because they are well equipped and trained to do so. Now you do not have to take the hassle of calling the customer care and wait on long calls to book a service. Download the wevouch app today and book your complaint / maintenance service in just a few clicks. 

  1. Keep the outdoor unit clean:

Don’t believe us, right? It is not enough to just clean the indoor unit of the AC for it to keep functioning properly. The outdoor unit is as crucial as the heat of the room is absorbed by the indoor unit and transferred to it. Cleaning both the outdoor & indoor units will keep the AC performing optimally.

  1. Examine the condensate drain:

Condensate drain is a pipe-like structure that runs from the indoor unit of your air conditioner to the outside of your home. Condensate drains can silt up over time, which can make drainage difficult and in turn lower your AC’s cooling capacity. Check the condensate drain frequently to make sure water is flowing properly in order to make sure your AC is operating effectively.

  1. Schedule a professional maintenance service:

It is always a good idea to appoint brand-authorized technicians for your AC maintenance service because we don’t have much knowledge about the technique or the right equipment that might be required. 

An authorized technician will clean and ensure that your AC is operating at its peak efficiency and that there are no underlying problems that might cause you any discomfort or safety hazard.

With wevouch, you can register a complaint or book a service for your air conditioner in less than a minute. We help you to manage all your appliances & gadgets and all their after – sales service requirements on one single app, be it any brand or any make. Download the app today & say hello to a hassle – free life!