Increase the life of your smart TV with these easy tips!


We, in today’s generation, are blessed to have some modern appliances that not only makes our life easy but also helps us make the most of our leisure time.

One of them is the Smart TV which can do everything we do on our smartphones on a TV. Smart TVs have become an essential part of our daily lives and are also a treasure trove for binge-watchers.

But what if your TV stops functioning after a few months? You would not want to spend a hefty amount on a new television all over again! 

Therefore, it is essential to know how to maintain your Smart TV properly for a longer lifespan. 


Following are some crucial points that will help you maintain your smart TV for many more years to come:

1. Clean and dust your TV screen regularly:

A short circuit can occur in a dusty environment which may result in irreparable damage to the television’s screen. Hence, your smart TV should always be kept in a dust-free environment. To maintain the surface’s sharp appearance, you can use an anti-static micro – fiber cloth and cleaning solution to clean the screen.

2. Use a high-quality surge protection device:

Televisions and other modern electronics are mostly susceptible to electrical surges. Small power surges can cause real damage over time, even if a single surge does not destroy your device at once. Thus, it is recommended to plug your television and any peripherals into a high-quality surge protector to ensure its safety and long life.

3. Checking for adequate Ventilation:

All electronic devices produce heat when used so proper ventilation is essential. Additionally, a few studies have observed that even a small rise in a component’s

temperature significantly shortens its lifespan. It is recommended to keep the back of the TV  at least 2 – 6 inches away from the wall and that there is at least 4 inches of ventilation space on the sides.

Also, if your TV is in a small cabinet, you might think about replacing it with a larger one or mounting it on the wall. You can also put a standing fan near your TV for ventilation.If your smart TV’s contrast is kept at 100%, the screen will burn through contrast more quickly than at a lower setting. Therefore, it is essential to adjust the contrast settings on your smart television.


4. Prevent burn-in: 

Burn-in usually occurs when the TV screen is left displaying the same image for long. Therefore, you should not use any screen saver on your smart TV. Furthermore, you should also try not to watch shows with persistent static pictures like news tickers.

5. Avoid the use of sharp objects:

The material of the TV screen is very delicate. While cleaning it, do not poke it with anything sharp as it may result in a long-term issue with the device’s operation.

6. Regulate your TV usage: 

Never leave the television on when you are not watching it because excessive use may result in burn-in and produce excessive heat.

Hope these tips will help you to keep your smart TV in a great condition.In case you need to register a service complaint for your smart TV, you can do it with the wevouch app in just a few clicks. 

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