Get connected directly with original Brands and manage warranties

wevouch was founded in 2021 with the aim to bridge the gap between a consumer and his access to hassle-free after-sales service from brands.

wevouch connects consumers with brands on a single window platform to manage warranties and repairs for all products owned by them. The platform aims to be a bridge between consumers and brands to do away with the everyday struggle of finding the right channel to maintain the upkeep of their assets.
Realization and understanding of the gap between the consumer’s need and what they currently have available to them led to the formation of wevouch, a forward-thinking organization dedicated to helping consumers and brands.

wevouch founding principles



wevouch realizes the discomfort caused to consumers due to non-functioning assets and unauthorized service providers.

assurance with wevouch


wevouch assures to connect consumers with genuine brands and their authorized service providers only.

bridge between consumer and brand


wevouch will be part of the journey till the problem is solved. It is our delight to be the bridge between the consumers and the brand.

wevouch mission
wevouch vision
wevouch mission

Mission Statement

To be the preferred, most-effective solution provider and act as a one-click solution between consumers and brands.

wevouch vision


To build a universal platform to connect the consumer and the brand (OEM) and amplify their convenience with state-of-the-art technology for a seamless user experience.

The Genesis

co-founder SantoshSarraf

Santosh Sarraf, Co-founder.

“When a consumer tries to call the brand to book an appointment for service, the process is time-consuming and cumbersome. Keeping in mind the nerve of the consumer pain, we conceptualized an app and platform that would connect the consumer and the brand in just a few clicks on their mobile.”

Santosh Sarraf, Co-founder.

co-founder RahulMahipal

Rahul Mahipal, Co-founder.

“Brands face a common issue, where local service providers use their name and offer services and fleece consumers in the name of repairing products. This often leads to angry customers with negative experiences to share with the world, often defaming the brands on social media. We thought of creating a platform where the consumer and brand can be connected directly without any impersonators in the middle.”

Rahul Mahipal, Co-founder.

co-founder SachinAgarwal

Sachin Agarwal, Co-founder.

“The numbers of service providers are readily available on Google, but is the consumer really reaching the right service provider when the time requires it? The right capabilities for the specific requirement? Ensuring that the consumer can access the right service provider in the time of their pain, we had a deep thought which led to the founding stone of wevouch.”

Sachin Agarwal, Co-founder.

co-founder AnuradhaShroff

Anuradha Shroff, Co-founder.

"In this world, we use a large number of products that eventually break down and need repairs. As a consumer, I have often forgotten to register or store the warranty and as a result faced issues reaching the right contact when I want to get the products repaired. With multiple brands and products, keeping track of different service centres is a huge challenge. I often wished I could have one app to solve my problems. These issues led us to come up with a one-stop solution for consumers at-large.”

Anuradha Shroff, Co-founder.

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