Team – WeVouch

The wevouch team has over 100 years of domain experience in consumer products, infotech/business process outsourcing, banking and corporate finance. The team has used this experience to build, manage and scale the business.

The team possesses the expertise and experience to:

1. Understand and resolve customer pains
2. Understand and resolve brand pains

Using this experience, the team looks to digitally empower consumers and brands with a one-click experience to connect with each other seamlessly.

Meet Our Team

wevouch is a forward-thinking organization with active, young, vibrant and dedicated team members. With expertise and insights into consumer and brand relationships, the team works with the sole purpose of taking away consumer hassles of repair and maintenance by understanding the consumer journey and the nuances faced when they seek to service their products.

The team is aware, that the brands also lose revenues and consumer loyalty, due to unsatisfactory services provided by unauthorized service personnel. They realized the urgent need to fill this gap thus resulting in a platform that aims to be a bridge between the consumer and the brand - wevouch.

Santosh Sarraf

Director & Co-Founder

Rahul Mahipal

Director & Co-Founder

Sachin Agarwal

Director & Co-Founder

Anuradha Shroff

Director & Co-Founder

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