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How to maintain your water purifier properly 

Water purifiers play an important role in safeguarding our health by ensuring that the water we consume is free from contaminants and safe for daily use. They provide numerous benefits, from improved taste and odor to protection against waterborne diseases, making them an essential investment for a healthier lifestyle.

If you do not care for your water purifier eventually it can lead to several problems.

So it’s better to extend the life of your water purifier and assure that it continuously supplies clean and safe drinking water for you and your family by following these maintenance practices:

  • Clean regularly: Clean your water purifier at regular intervals to remove any accumulated dirt, sediment, or impurities and you should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning procedures, as they may vary depending on the type of water purifier you have.
  • Replace Filters: Most water purifiers have filters that need to be replaced periodically. You can Follow the recommended filter replacement schedule provided by the manufacturer. Mostly, carbon filters need to be replaced every 6 to 12 months, while RO (reverse osmosis) membranes may require replacement every 2 to 3 years.
  • Examine for any leaks: Check your water purifier on a regular basis for any indications of leaks. Actually take a look at the associations, lines, and fittings for any noticeable holes or trickles. To avoid water damage and ensure the purifier’s effective operation, it is essential to address any leaks you discover as soon as possible



  • Clean the System: Sanitize the water purifier on a regular basis to get rid of any harmful bacteria, viruses, or other microorganisms that may have built up in the system. If you’ve been away for a long time or haven’t used the purifier in a while, this is especially important.
  • Keep up with Water Strain: Check to see that your home’s water pressure falls within the range that your water purifier recommends. The purifier’s performance and effectiveness can be affected by high or low water pressure. If fundamental, utilize a strain controller to keep up with the ideal water pressure.
  • Keep the surrounding Clean: Keep up with neatness around the water purifier andavoid storing any chemicals or cleaning agents nearby. You should always keep the area free from Dust, dirt, and other contaminants.
  • Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions: For specific care and maintenance instructions for your water purifier model, always consult manufacturer-provided guidelines.

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